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Meet uNight Light

A wearable LED nurse light made specifically for frontline healthcare workers, allowing you to illuminate your workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances by 70%.

Helping Patients Rest

87% of nurses struggle to see while providing care to a resting patient, leading us to utilize overhead intrusive room lighting that wakes up patients on an average of 9 times per night. Comfort and quality sleep are essential for healing, and uNight Light is here to help.

For Nurses, By Nurses

As nurses, we created uNight Light because we were tired of waking up our patients when we needed to turn on the intrusive overhead patient room lights to see. We are sick of using pen lights, iPhone lights, keychain lights, and runners lights to try and see, so we created uNight Light!
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Our Impact

Over 10,000 nurses at 250+ healthcare organizations have used uNight Light to optimize patient experience, impacting over
1,000,000 patients to date!

For every bulk of uNight Lights sold, Lumify Care partners with the Global Nurse Foundation to donate uNight Lights to healthcare facilities lacking sustainable electricity.
95% of nurses stated that uNight Light improved their ability to see while providing care to their resting patient.

Inspired from the military, our device comes with three light settings to optimize your ability to care for patients and remain alert. uNight Light's brightness has been tested to give the perfect balance of illumination; keeping you safe and your patients asleep.

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