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The Problem

Did you know that a patient's ability to comfortably rest while hospitalized has a 40% larger impact on patient satisfaction than medical quality? Despite this, patients regularly report poor quality sleep as their number one complaint during hospitalization.

It's no wonder why, however, considering that 87% of nurses struggle to see while providing care when their patient is resting, leading to the use of intrusive overhead room lighting that disrupts patients on an average of 9 times per night.

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The Value of Patient Experience & Supporting Frontline Healthcare Pros

of healthcare HR leaders agree that improving employee engagement in order to increase patient satisfaction is a top priority.
of nurses report wanting to leave the industry all together as a result of their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis.
the average cost for replacing just one nurse.
the average increase in hospital reimbursement for improving patient satisfaction by just 4%.

Lumify Care is here to help.

We are a nurse-led startup revolutionizing frontline healthcare delivery through innovative tools designed to support healthcare workers and improve patient experience.

Our flagship product is the uNight Light, a wearable-LED-light allowing frontline healthcare workers to illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances by 70%. The uNight Light is hands-free, light-weight, liquid-repellant, cleanable by hospital-grade disinfectants, and equipped with three light settings to optimize users ability to see but not be seen.
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uNight Light improves patient satisfaction scores, patient safety, patient health outcomes, staff satisfaction, staff engagement, and more! It is a simple, yet impactful solution.

Case Study

Lumify Care tested uNight Light with over 250 nurses at three large U.S. healthcare systems.

95% of nurses stated that uNight Light improved their ability to see during the night shift.
Nurses turn on their patient room lights 70% less when wearing uNight Light.
4/5 nurses stated that the Sleep-First Initiative reminded them to be quieter while providing care at night.
94% of nurses stated that uNight Light was easy to use, giving it 4/5 stars on average.
90% of nurses would recommend uNight Light to a healthcare colleague or caregiver.
"We had the unique opportunity to pilot Lumify Care’s uNight Light on my unit. The results of the pilot were not surprising to me, as the uNight Light is such an obvious solution to a problem felt by so many nurses and frontline healthcare workers. Read More
uNight Light has not only created a safer work environment for the nurses, but has also improved the quality of sleep and comfort for the babies and parents, leading to improved outcomes such as a decrease in infant falls, an increase in rooming in rates, and an increase in patient and staff satisfaction.The feedback I have received from nurses was overwhelmingly positive; approximately 90% stated that they would use and also recommend the product to other frontline healthcare workers. This innovation promotes a culture of gratitude among frontline workers who are challenged with the constraints of supporting parent/infant couplets during the night time period. Additionally, nurses using uNight Light reported they had a heightened awareness of their patients' sleep and found themselves making extra efforts to lessen patient sleep disturbances. Lumify Care has improved the quality of care that our patients receive." Read Less
Laura Scalise, MSN, RN
Nurse Manager, Penn Medicine
"uNight Light leads to a decrease in sleep disturbances for patients, having a profound impact on the quality of their stay and their ability to heal efficiently. It just makes sense."
Hiyam Nadel, MBA, BSN, RN
Director of Innovation, Massachusetts General Hospital
“In addition to the patient experience, I am confident that Lumify Care’s goal to provide innovative tools and resources for frontline healthcare professionals will positively impact the work environment, and subsequently impact care delivery within healthcare organizations.”
Charlene Platon, MS, RN, FNP-BC
Director of Ambulatory Nursing, Stanford Health Care
“I have seen several innovations that try and improve patient experience; few have been as simple and impactful as Lumify Care's uNight Light.”
Nicole Lincoln, MS, RN, CCNS, FNP, NPI
Senior Manager of Nursing Innovation, Boston Medical Center
“Lumify Care’s uNight light is a brilliant and novel solution; it is of no surprise that nurses were the ones to innovate such a simple product with the potential to affect millions and transform healthcare.”
Lynda Benton
Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in purchasing a bulk order. Who do I contact for bulk pricing?

We'd love to help you improve patient experience and support frontline healthcare workers. Please email us at founders@lumifycare.com, call at 559-999-9966, or fill out this short survey.

What is uNight Light?

uNight Light is a wearable LED light made specifically for the clinical environment. It allows you to illuminate your workspace in a hands-free way, while decreasing patient sleep disturbances. It was created by a nursing student and nurse.

I've seen similar wearable lights online. What makes uNight Light different?

uNight Light may look like an ordinary wearable light; however, it has features designed specifically for the clinical setting.

Is uNight Light easy to clean?

uNight Light was designed to be cleaned by any hospital grade disinfectant. We suggest wiping down your uNight Light once per shift, and then you can continue to illuminate your care!

How do I store/distribute uNight Light?

We recommend our hospital partners to store and distribute uNight Lights similar to other electronics used in the clinical space, such as iPhones.