About Us

Lumify Care was founded by a NICU Nurse and Nursing Student on a mission to improve patient experience and ensure all frontline healthcare workers have the support they need.


Lumify Care is a nurse-led startup improving patient experience by innovating the frontline of healthcare. As frontline healthcare workers, we were always surprised at how clinical settings are not conducive to comfortable patient-centered experiences. And that's why we founded Lumify Care. 

After waking up patients every time we turned on the bright overhead patient room lights, we knew we needed to do something.

After interviewing over 250 nurses, we found that 87% of nurses struggle to see while providing care when their patient is sleeping, leading them to turn on the overhead intrusive room lights which disrupts patient sleep on average 9 times per night.

While nurses currently use phone flashlights, pen lights, and runners wearable lights from Amazon, these solutions are not fit for the clinical setting, are inconvenient, and often pose an infection risk. 

Creating uNight Light has been a journey. We started at the 2019 Johnson & Johnson Nurse Hackathon, and from there, decided to turn our idea into a business. We've since completed two startup accelerators, been awarded various prizes, and piloted our solutions at three major U.S. healthcare systems.

Through our pilots, we found that when nurses wear uNight Light, patient sleep disturbances decrease by 70%, and frontline healthcare workers can see more easily. 

Over 400 nurses from twelve healthcare systems have used uNight Light with 95% of nurses stating that uNight Light helped them see better while providing patient care, impacting approximately 60,000 patients. Now more than ever, Lumify Care has the power to support patients and frontline healthcare workers globally.

Team: Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, Jennifferre Mancillas, Gerardo Ballesteros, Nick Nieves 

Mentors: Jeffrey Babin, Dr. Therese Richmond, Dr. George Demiris, Marion Leary, Rebecca Love, Robyn Begley

Accelerators & Awards: Lighthouse Labs, Kinetic Creators, Penn Wharton VIP-X Launch Accelerator, Contrary Pitch Night Winner, Penn Wharton Innovation Fund Launch Award Recipient, Hillman Scholars AERO Grant & Design Thinking Grant, WeissFund Innovation Award, J&J Nurse Innovation Fellowship

Reach out at contact@lumifycare.com!